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Mixed Media Girl on Canvas Step by Step tutorial

How to make a mixed media canvas using a pencil sketch, acrylic paint, stencils & modelling paste, silk flowers and Inka Gold - list of supplies & video tutorial.

You can draw a face with a pencil and use your own sketch or print out a copy of the girl that I made for this project:
- Printable girl face template


Mixed Media Girl - Printable face template

- the face: use a pencil sketch on paper or printable girl face template, print out with a laser printer on thick paper (120-160 gsm or thick photo paper) and adjust the size to fit your canvas. The girl in the middle (above) is printed out in half size and the original sketch on the canvas is slightly smaller than that.

- primed canvas, the size of the canvas used here is 20x20 cm or 8x8 inches
- modelling paste
- stencils, geometric and floral shapes
- matt black acrylic paint
- turqoise blue, turqoise green, ultramarine blue, raw sienna (and skin tone) acrylic paint
- fixative, if you use a pencil sketch (optional)
- matt medium for adhering the sketch and for glazing the skin
- matt medium or clear gesso to prime the sketch
- hard or soft brushes depending on what you want
- baby wipes
- oil pastels to color the cheeks and do higlighting
- a tiny brush to add color to the eyes
- Inka Gold color Oldsilver or other thick metallic paint
- Gold effect paste or gold paint and a stencil with small pattern
- 2 wooden butterflies
- small metal embellisments for the neckline
- silk flowers and large gems or flatback pearls
- light silver acrylic paint for blue flowers (optional)
- small gems
- gel medium for adhering metal pieces and gems


Mixed Media Girl - How to glaze with acrylic paint

If you like the weathered vintage look of this girl with brush marks and splotches, use a hard big brush for glazing, wipe off some paint and apply several layers of paint (dilute the paint with matt medium or use transparent paint). If you prefer a flawless skin, use a soft brush of good quality or use something like soft pastels instead of acrylic paint. I used pink and skin tone oil pastels to color the cheeks and white oil pastel to create higlights.

Check out the video tutorial (12 minutes) to see close up photos and the whole process of drawing the face and making the canvas with flowers from the beginning to the end:

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