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Ideas, inspiration and free video tutorials on how to create mixed media art on canvas using common art supplies, recycled items, printables, photos and material from the nature.

Mixed Media Texture Ideas

Turn trash to tresure using various recycled or inexpensive materials and some acrylic paint. How? Check out: Top 12 ideas - How to create mixed media texture

Great art project for beginners!

Mixed Media Girl on Canvas

Mixed media canvas using a pencil sketch, acrylic paint, stencils & modelling paste, silk flowers and Inka Gold.

List of supplies, printable face sketch & tutorial:

Steampunk Heart

Mixed media canvas with stenciled texture, acrylic paint, Inka Gold and wooden cogs and gears. The heart is made of recycled cereal box and a piece of cardboard.

Video tutorial on Youtube:

Winter Canvas

Create a fabulous winter canvas with twigs, alder cones and acrylic paint - lovely decoration or gift idea: DIY Winter Mixed Media Canvas

Mixed Media for Beginners

Make beautiful wall art with acrylic paints and stuff you can find in your stash like lace, ribbons and buttons: DIY Mixed media canvas

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