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Hand made steampunk card with DIY cogwheels

Steampunk card with DIY cogwheels

This gorgeous steampunk card would be perfect for father's day or for anybody who loves mechanic gears or vintage stuff. Paint the backround with acrylic paints or make a quick card using scrapbook paper! Turqoise or blue compliment these DIY cogs and make a lovely background.


- a square card base
- a piece of cardstock, slightly smaller than the card base, you can upcycle a cereal box
- 2 narrow stripes of corrugated cardstock
- glue stick or craft glue to stick the stripes and the cogwheels and other embellishments to the card
- acrylic paints: black, turqoise, metallic copper and qold
- brushes (and a foam dauber if you have one)
- option: coordinating patterned or solid paper, if you want to make a quick card or if you don't want to have a painted background
- cogs and gears made of cardstock and painted with acrylic paints listed above
- double sided tape or glue to adhere the card to the card base


  1. Cut out a square piece of cardstock that will be the background for cogwheels.
  2. Cut out two narrow stripes of corrugated cardstock (upcycled or bought from a craft shop). They will be painted, so any color you have will do.
  3. Stick the stripes to the card like in the picture using a glue stick or craft glue.
  4. Paint the entire card black using black acrylic paint or black gesso. Let dry. Acrylic paints dry very fast. You can paint with a sponge dauber or a brush.
  5. Paint with turqoise with a brush or a sponge dauber so that you can see black paint through turqoise here and there. Paint edges with copper and dab a little copper paint over the corrugated part as well. Apply gold paint over the edges and over the corrugated part with your finger or with a dry brush so that it will stick on top of it but the deep parts are left dark.
    How to paint the card base with acrylic paints
    Optionally you could use scrapbook paper between the corrugated stripes.
  6. Adhere the background to the card base before you stick the embellishments to the card. Use double sided tape, craft glue or a glue stick to adhere the background. If the background is curled, put a heavy book or something like that onto the card for a while.
  7. Make the cogs and gears using decorative edge scissors, punches and acrylic paints, if you haven't made them already. You'll find instructions, ideas and a video tutorial here: DIY cogs and gears. You can use an upcycled cereal box to make the embellishments.
  8. Build up a nice composition of DIY cogs, gears and embellishments and glue them down. Use glue sticks to the bottom layer and craft glue to the top layer and to the embellishments that won't be properly stuck with a glue stick. Put something heavy on your embellishments, if you feel they won't be stuck. They will be securely adhered as soon as the glue is thoroughly dry.

Vintage style steampunk card for father's day

I used brown card base by Papermania that is made of recycled paper - you could use something else. Pearlescent or metallic card bases would look awsome as well.

Upcycled "vintage" steampunk embellishments

DIY vintage steampunk cogs and gears How to make:

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