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DIY Christmas Gift Tags 12 Simple Ideas - Kids & Family


How to make fantastic gift tags using basic, cheap materials like simple card bases, glitter card, washi tapes and sequins - you'll find 12 easy to make ideas that are both affordable and beautiful at the same time. Great craft for kids as well!


- basic milk white and red card bases, you'll get 4 tags from each card
- brown and white card or recycled cereal boxes
- foil tapes, glitter tapes, washi tapes
- glitter card and punches (for example hearts, stars and circles are good for making Christmas gift tags)
- scrapbook paper
- narrow silver ribbon
- red and white ribbon
- tiny stickers
- glitter glue
- sequins: gold, copper, silver, red, white
- silver sequin trim
- golden leaf garland
- gold Acrylic paint and stencils
- thick white marker (I used Faber-Castell PITT artist pen white 101)
- gold and/or copper pen
- red marker (I used Sharpie)
- copper ink and alphabet stamps
- foam tape or thin cardboar for creating 3D effect
- glue stick, craft glue, hot glue (gel medium, if you have)
- Otional: printer, paper cutter and a pick up tool will help you make your tags faster, but you can do without them!


To make your work faster, add a little washi tape, foil tape or glitter tape to the top and bottom of your card bases before you cut them into tags. You can also paint the top or bottom with metallic paints or use a stencil to create a pattern to the background or decorate the tags, for example by making snowflakes with a stencil.

Next step you'll only need to add a few decorations to each tag, like punched or cut out trees, hearts or stars. Sequins are really cheap and they look great when placed kind of randomly. To make real luxury tags, you can also add sequin trim together with foil or washi tapes. If you have a printer, you can print out your sentiments and Holiday greetings and use them as part of your design. Make your embellishments 3D by using either foam tape or a piece of thin cardboard between the layers.

DIY Christmas Holiday Gift Tags Ideas

You can see 12 gift tag ideas in the picture above. Let them inspire you to make your own designs as well!

You'll find a step by step video tutorial and detailed closeup photos in an 8 minute Youtube video:
DIY Gift Tags 12 Ideas

More ideas:

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