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Mixed Media Canvas with Twigs Alder Cones Winter Colors

Mixed Media Winter Canvas

This fabulous winter canvas was inspired by the first snow of this year that came this week, birch twigs and alder cones. It's a great Christmas/Holiday project with natural materials and a beautiful gift idea as well!

If you don't have all the supplies, you can use something else that you have to create texture - be creative! Instead of painting and stenciling the winter scenery, you could also use a nice image and decoupage it to the center.


- primed canvas, about 18x24 cm / 7x9,5 inches
- black acrylic paint (matt) or black gesso
- paint brushes and a sponge dauber (optional)
- burlap mesh ribbon (width about 6 cm / 2,35 inches) to the bottom of the canvas
- a ripped piece of paper, white (or for example a book page)
- good quality craft glue, gel medium or all round medium
- stencils: small deer/reindeer, dotted lines, snowflakes - or something else you have in your stash
- thick effect paste, I used sand effect paste by Creabox Marabu
- acrylic paint and water: turqoise, dark blue, mustard brown, dark brown
- 2 twigs of a birch tree and wire to tie them together
- branches of an alder tree with alder cones
- hot glue
- star shaped brads (optional)
- bronze and gold acrylic paint
- "glitter flakes" and transparent glue or gel medium to glue them down (or regular glitter glue)
- white gesso or white acrylic paint


I used burlap mesh, wrinkled paper, stencils and sand effect paste to create texture. The lovely stencil with reindeer and the "glitter flakes" are from Aliexpress. The paints I used are acrylic paints made by various brands.

As it's easier to show how to create a mixed media canvas on video than to explain it with words, I suggest you watch the Youtube video tutorial to see the whole process!

Tutorial: DIY Nature Inspired Mixed Media Canvas Winter Youtube video tutorial:

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