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DIY Wall Art Ideas with Printable Butterflies

Quick Wall Art Ideas

Print out beautiful butterflies, color them and make a quick collage - it's quick, easy and cheap! You can choose colors that match your home decor or stick to the neutrals and white. Great gift idea as well! To see how the butterfly wall art in the image above was made, you'll find a link to a video tutorial at the end of this page.


- butterflies: you can print out free butterflies or use any butterflies that you may have
- shadowbox frames (or other type of frames)
- designer paper, colored paper or card stock to be used as background
- adhesives: glue stick, craft glue, hot glue, staples, foam tape
- water color, chalk pastels, inks, coffee etc. if you like to color the butterflies
- sharp scissors for fussy cutting the butterflies
- OPTIONAL: birch twigs, twine, paper roses, sentiments, wooden embellishments, glitter glue, stamps and black ink, etc.


You can print out butterflies in A4 size or smaller depending of what you want to create. Use them black and white or color them. The most simple shadowbox of all is created with ripped printable old handwriting and a butterfly together with a piece of ripped brown packaging paper. Very minimalist design!

Easy craft: DIY Shadowbox with Butterflies

To make a butterfly collection, you'll need butterflies in various sizes. If you like, you can draw rectangles for each butterly and stamp or write something under the rectangle. Adding a little bit of glitter glue makes the bodies of the butterflies stand out better. The very best frame for a butterfly collection would be a shadowbox with protective glass.

The brown handwriting behind the turqoise butterfly is printed out and then dyed with tea and coffee to look old. The birch twig is adhered with a staple that's hidden behind the butterfly. The twine behind the white butterly is adhered with hidden staples as well. The roses are just stuck and wrapped behind the twine, but you could use hot glue or craft glue as well.

To see how to color butterflies and how to make wall art using them, just watch the vide tutorial! I hope you'll enjoy the video and if you do, don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel as well, if you haven't already!


You'll find the video tutorial (9 minutes with voice over) and more photos of the shadowboxes on Youtube:

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