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DIY How to bind a junk journal - quick and easy tutorial

Learn how to bind a simple junk journal! You'll find a step by step illustrated tutorial here. If you like, you can watch a video tutorial on how the junk journal in the picture above was made as well.

How to prepare the pages

Make sure you've arranged all your pages in the right order, they're not upside down, they're all folded in the center and they're all centered before you start binding. Using strong clips helps you keep your pages where they should be during the whole process.

Needle and thread

DIY junk journal: How to bind step by step

Use a needle that's large enough for your thread. The thread should be strong enough to bind and not too elastic. Don't use thread that's so sharp it'll break your junk journal. Ideal thread would be something like the crochet thread you can see in the picture above.

Junk journal binding STEP 1

Make three holes usind an awl (or a very strong needle). You can just eyeball their location or use a ruler.

DIY junk journal: How to bind step by step

Junk journal binding STEP 2

There's basically two options how to bind your junk journal. You can leave the knot outside or inside your journal. Just start where you want to have your knot, make number 8 with your needle, tie the ends together and that's it! Make a tight knot. If you start at the center point, slip your needle under the first loop before making the knot (step 5 in the illustration) - it makes it easier to tighten the binding.

This tutorial is about binding a simple junk journal, but to bind a junk journal with several signatures you can basically repeat this process for each signature so that they're placed side by side. For two signatures you need 3+3 holes, for three signatures you need 3+3+3 holes and so on. Simple and easy! Just follow these instructions, use your common sense and you can't go wrong.


You'll find a quick video tutorial (4 minutes) with voice over here:

Youtube video tutorial:


There's really no limit to your creativity when making junk journals - and that's what makes it so fun! However, to stretch the limits of your creativity even further, you can set yourself some challenges every now and then. How about making a junk journal using as much upcycled materials as possible? You'll find ideas and inspiration for upcycling here:
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