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DIY Wall Art: Mixed media collage shadowbox

Mixed Media Collage

If you're looking for quick ideas on how to make a mixed media shadowbox, this one is for you! To see how the canvas above was made, you'll find a link to a video tutorial at the end of this page.

I really love the autumn/fall coloring of this collage - orange red with brown on white background - but of course you can use whatever colors you want!


- water color paper (with canvas texture)
- shadowbox frame
- a piece of a brown cardboard box
- a piece of patterned paper or scrapbook paper, I used paper from a small design pad "Selected Art" by Craft Sensations, which is a Dutch brand
- pieces of an old book page
- stamps and black ink (optional), I used Archival ink
- burlap mesh or a piece of fabrick
- silk flowers and flat back pearls
- small paper roses
- burlap twine
- glue stick for paper, craft glue or acrylic (matt) medium to adhere cardbox and hot glue to adhere flowers and other stuff
- white acrylic paint (matt) or gesso
- butterfly punch
- brown water color and a fan brush


Cut out a piece from a brown cardboard box. Peel off a little bit of paper from one side so that you can see the wavy part inside. Save the "peel" and use it as a part of your collage.

Cut out a piece of thick watercolor paper to the size that fits your shadowbox frame. I used paper with canvas texture, but that's optional. Arrange all the pieces into a nice collage and adhere to the background. Add some stamping, if you feel you're collage needs more details. Apply a little white acrylic paint with dry, flat brush. Make some splatters with dark brown water color or diluted acrylic paint using a fan brush.

You can see the whole process and closeup photos on a step by step video with voice over (less than 6 minutes). I hope you'll enjoy the video and get some ideas you can use in your own collage!


You'll find the video tutorial and more photos of the mixed media shadowbox on Youtube:

Mixed media autumn/fall collage shadowbox tutorial Youtube video tutorial:

More ideas:

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