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London Travel Journal & DIY Traveler's notebook

It's super easy to make a traveler's notebook where you can store your memories from your trip. It's affordable, too. You can use any paper you have, items that you brought home from your trip like free maps, receits, tickets and brochures - and even junk mail. I also used washi tapes, water color, stamping and acrylic paint to decorate my travel journal and embroidery floss for binding.

If you're going to add your own travel photos, resize them and make a collage sheet of small photos for printing or order them from a photo lab. You can place at least 4 small photos to a regular sized photo base.

Start with cutting an A4 sized paper into a square and fold it in two. It's a nice size for a traveler's journal and you can use it as template for the rest of the pages.

You can use all kinds of paper as your travel journal pages if it's sturdy enough, for example:

- white or coloured copy paper, thick or regular
- water color paper
- left over craft paper or scrapbook paper
- old maps
- old book pages
- envelopes
- old letters
- packaging paper
- paper bags
- blank pages from old notebooks

How to make a traveler's notebook in junk journal style

To make a page with a flip you can just use an A4 sized paper and turn it sideways. Make a fold to one side or both sides. Use a square piece of A4 paper folded in two as your quide!

The cover of my travel journal is made of thick, patterned paper. It's slightly larger than the papers inside the journal. I decorated it with bits and pieces from a free map and junk mail and applied a little bit of matt medium to protect it, but that's totally optional.


You can bind together your travel journal with a needle and thread. I used a small spike that's also named an awl for piercing. You'll find a step by step tutorial with detailed illustrations here: How to bind a junk journal


Quick video tutorial on making a simple traveler's notebook in junk journal style and flip through of the completed London travel journal:

Youtube video tutorial vith voice over:

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