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Scrapbooking tutorial - Backyard princesses layout

Backyard Princesses layout

This layout was created using mainly my old stash and I hope it will inspire you to use whatever scrapbooking supplies you have to make your own creative layouts! To see how I made this layout, click the link to Youtube timelapse video tutorial at the end of this page.


- 12"x12" white background, canvas textured cardstock
- patterned paper, I used 6"x6" Mulberry Kisses paper pad and stripes of old scrapbooking paper
- solid scrapbooking paper or cardstock: pink, lime green and light yellow
- ripped pages from an old book (or you could use decorative scissors to create same kind of effect if you don't have books that are bound like this - most books aren't)
- sewing machine or needle and thread for stiching
- border punch, if you want the gable of the paper house behind the photo to look lacy like this one
- decorative scissors
- 2 pieces of white fabric - glitter hearts and flowers by Tiger (Danish brand)
- flower stickers and/or flower die cuts
- pearl and bling stickers
- green cotton thread for the bow
- self made printed die cuts
- the title "Backcyard Princesses" was printed on photo paper with a laser printer
- tape and glue: I used glue stick, double sided tape, craft glue (white pva-glue and photo mounting stickers


How to make: Backyard princesses scrapbooking tutorial

Watch a Youtube timelapse video tutorial (length 6:49) on the process of how to make this layout:

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